Your house is your larger body.
It grows in the sun and sleeps in the stillness of the night; and it is not dreamless.

Kahlil Gibran


Here follows a list of the main services offered by di Bianco e d’Avorio Design Lab.
For more details about how we can collaborate with real estates,
developers, construction companies, architects and designers please contact us.


Services for
Real estate and Developers

  1. The materials and the expertise of the dBdA – Design lab partners enhance the all-around real estate operation. The communication and visibility of the brands promoted by dBdA – Design lab assure higher visibility to all developers and more prestige to the real estate operation as a whole.
  2. The dBdA – Design lab teams work along with the developers and their teams using qualified and specialized resources. The final client has thus access to exclusive materials and finishing solutions.
  3. The professional expertise and wide range of products offered by our partners give dBdA – Design lab technicians the possibility of combining existing design specifications with standard or extra solutions to the advantage of all parties involved in the operations.
  4. During the entire project, with the help of architectural folders, of samples available in the worksite showroom and design booklets, our experts shall support clients throughout the entire decision-making process, to find the solutions that best suit their needs.

Services for
Architects and Designers

  1. Engineering, optimization and support for the creation of custom-made furniture and accessories.
  2. Price quotes and material specifications according to the project details.
  3. Information and updating on the range of products offered by the operators and experts of the partner brands of dBdA – Home decorator.
  4. Our vision foresees the opening of showrooms in the US which will become a location for the exchange of ideas and opportunities thanks to the creation of all-round engaging showrooms.
  5. Checks, management, logistics, deliveries and verification of the installation of furniture and materials, carried out by dedicated internal teams.