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training services

Training in Italian restoration techniques – paintings on canvas; paintings on wood; stone artifacts; brick curtain; plasters according to ancient techniques; lime paint according to ancient techniques; plaster and stucco decorations; mosaics; polychrome wooden statues.

Training your staff for the installation – we are available to deliver training on: laying floors and walls; laying parquet; laying marble; installation frames; ventilated façades; everything related to training for the installation and assembly of all waterproofing works related to energy saving.

The Made in Italy of crafts, restoration, finishing and construction industry is certainly a credit to our country.

Highlighting the ability of our staff is an honor for us. Over the years, we have been able to create strong synergies and collaborations with the industry excellence across all fields. The love of beauty, style, elegance, Italian craft skills, the passion for history and for Italian art restorers … all this is a cultural and historical heritage that we do not want to lose and that indeed we try as much as possible to share, with passion and with deep respect for Beauty.